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  • Receive salary payments
  • Free contactless debit card
  • Send money to friends
  • Direct debits and money transfers
  • Free basic business account with no minimum balance or overdraft fees
  • Automate your tax and savings
  • Real time notifications and business insights
  • Multi currency account
How we can help?

Fast and friendly support

Still having to wait on hold for hours to get anything sorted with your bank? Cogni provides world-class support through in-app chat, with an average response time of under ten minutes


Bank Account

Bank Account

Open your UK or European business account in under 7 minutes. Withdraw from any ATM and pay without cash at any mastercard accepted location

On the way - Overdrafts, Credit and Insurance from our partners

Free Multi Currency

Freedom and flexibility to hold and move multiple currencies at the same time

Providing Flexibility

Never again those pesky expensive foreign exchange


Not your regular banking app

Get intelligent notifications and real time alerts, add receipts, invoices and manage your budget

Seamlessly tracks income streams, expenses and tax deductions in real time saving your valuable time and help maximise your profits

Financial Hub

360 degree overview of your finances providing income and expense reports, credit score and business health

Get all your financial services in one place from Cogni and our partners

Financial Assistant

Peer Analysis & Intelligent Insights

Peer Analysis & Intelligent Insights

Ever wondered?

Cogni has the answer

Banking by technology and design

We’re building Cogni from ground up, using the latest technology in machine learning to provide you with real time and intuitive business banking experience. Integrated financial tools give you a 360 degree overview of your business and your financial wellbeing. It is powerful, fast and beautiful

You can also use our API to build apps using your data.